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Nishu Jain
Nishu Jain

Hey there!

I’m Nishu Jain: A geek, cursed with little creativity.

Professionally, I’m a Software Engineer who likes to play with data, algorithms, and especially, Artificial Intelligence/Deep Learning.

I speak mostly Python but, have polyglottic tendencies. I believe in developing real-world products for people like you and me.

And apart…


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Hey guys!

Let me say it again,

“Some things are meant to be hacked!”

A couple of days back, I installed a government app (cannot disclose which, because they haven’t released the patch yet) in which I found a severe vulnerability lurking around the corner of a simple OTP (One-Time…

Artificial Intelligence

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Read and Listen — For a better experience

From the beginning of my AI journey, I found several ideas and concepts promising unparalleled potential; Pieces of research and development that were absolutely mind-blowing; And breakthroughs that pushed this field forward, leaving their mark on its glorious history.

Also, in the…


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Last year (In 2019), a company (Can’t disclose their name!), conducted a National Level Machine Learning Competition for hiring purposes. The competition itself was hosted on HackerEarth.

On the page it said:

[We are] looking for passionate ML Developers with hands-on skills in Machine Learning and Analytical skills to join…

Illustration from Mary Gogila (Edited by the author)

We all have a lens through which we filter our reality. Whether we like it or not, we cannot take off those invisible glasses that color our world. Our views and opinions are shaped by multiple factors, like the time we live in, the place of our birth, the culture…

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We all fear death, whether it be the death of our beloved or be the death of our past self. We’re scared of our own mortality and we feel its impact on our lives and decisions. In the traditional sense of the word, it invokes emotions that are inherently sad…

Four hands on keyboard
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Read and Listen — For a better experience

Choosing a software development methodology can be one of the most challenging tasks for a project manager. Software development can take different approaches depending on your development team and the client’s requirements. …


Over the years, consumer minimalism has been gaining strength and rising in popularity. Many people have been limiting consumption by purchasing only essential items. Others have been selling their excess goods as they strive to become minimalists.

There have been intensive campaigns in recent years that advocate for a healthy…


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“WordPress vs Shopify” — it is an age-old question, a tough dilemma, whose answer doesn’t really satisfy everyone. Because everyone has their own opinions and biases. But don’t worry, I’m not gonna leave you with an inconclusive argument like, “everything is perfect in their own way”.

So let me just…


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“We’re always chasing a love that doesn’t exist, and ignoring the ones that do” — JH Hard

Separation from beloved ones evokes negative feelings and sadness in us. However, when you suffer from anxiety it can be even more difficult for you and that’s why it’s so important for you…

Nishu Jain

Obsessed with Tech, Biz, Arts & Words; Does NOT dumb down the writing; Skilled Wordsmith; Delivers the best

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