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Nishu Jain

Who am I and what do I do …

Nishu Jain

Hey there!

I’m Nishu Jain: A geek, cursed with little creativity.

Professionally, I’m a Software Engineer who likes to play with data, algorithms, and especially, Artificial Intelligence/Deep Learning.

I speak mostly Python but, have polyglottic tendencies. I believe in developing real-world products, and not just doing competitive programming (although I’m pretty decent at it).

And apart from being a full-fledged Tech-Geek, I’ve got a few real hobbies … like —

~ Reading & Writing

As you can see, I’m writing on Medium … da?

I sometimes do freelance writing as well, so if you’ve something interesting for me, ping me on Fiverr. …


Some things are meant to be Hacked …

Photo by Pille dougats on Unsplash

Hey guys!

Let me say it again,

“Some things are meant to be hacked!”

A couple of days back, I installed a government app (cannot disclose which, because they haven’t released the patch yet) in which I found a severe vulnerability lurking around the corner of a simple OTP (One-Time Password) mechanism.

I don’t know whether it was a mistake of a programmer, or was it intentionally rigged, but it looked pretty suspicious to me.

I saw “patterns” in OTPs.

Allow me to explain …

For those who don’t know, OTP mechanisms are pretty common in Indian Apps, where they…

Artificial Intelligence

Fascinating Ideas and Concepts of the Last Few Decades

Image by the author (GIF)
Read and Listen — For a better experience

From the beginning of my AI journey, I found several ideas and concepts promising unparalleled potential; Pieces of research and development that were absolutely mind-blowing; And breakthroughs that pushed this field forward, leaving their mark on its glorious history.

Also, in the last few years, the number of people pointing to the “Skynet-terminator” scenario has increased exponentially … ^_^!

So today, I decided to curate a list of some of the most interesting ideas and concepts (from my own experience) that kept me going all these years.

I hope they’ll inspire you…


Think like a Data Science Hacker — You don’t need to play by the rules to be victorious

Source: Image by the author (made using Canva)

Last year (In 2019), a company (Can’t disclose their name!), conducted a National Level Machine Learning Competition for hiring purposes. The competition itself was hosted on HackerEarth.

On the page it said:

[We are] looking for passionate ML Developers with hands-on skills in Machine Learning and Analytical skills to join their dynamic team in Hyderabad.

Eligibility Criteria:

Years of Experience: 0 to 2 years

Skills: Machine Learning and Analytical skills

I was really excited about this 13-day competition because of my strong interest in the field of Machine learning and Deep Learning. ^_^!

So let’s dive into the details to…

Choose a suitable software development methodology based on different factors

Four hands on keyboard
Four hands on keyboard
Image by the author (designed using Canva).
Read and Listen — For a better experience

Choosing a software development methodology can be one of the most challenging tasks for a project manager. Software development can take different approaches depending on your development team and the client’s requirements. Some of the popular development methodologies include Agile development, the Waterfall methodology, lean development, etc.

Agile development is one of the commonly adopted methodologies in modern software development. Many organizations and software development teams choose the Agile methodology because of the numerous benefits it provides in software development processes over other methodologies. …

Understanding the psychology and benefits of living with less


Over the years, consumer minimalism has been gaining strength and rising in popularity. Many people have been limiting consumption by purchasing only essential items. Others have been selling their excess goods as they strive to become minimalists.

There have been intensive campaigns in recent years that advocate for a healthy lifestyle, supported by legislations from the World Health Organization that criticize excessive consumption, especially of foods, entertainment, household goods, and medical care services, including others. The campaigns argue that people can live well by reducing resource consumption.

However, despite campaigns in support of minimalism, material consumption and consumerism still prevails…


Considering the modern landscape, where should you set up your shop …

Source: (Edited by the author)

“WordPress vs Shopify” — it is an age-old question, a tough dilemma, whose answer doesn’t really satisfy everyone. Because everyone has their own opinions and biases. But don’t worry, I’m not gonna leave you with an inconclusive argument like, “everything is perfect in their own way”.

So let me just clear the air and say it, “WordPress is better!”.

But why WordPress? It’s not a win by a landslide, but still …

It may seem tough to answer that who’s the winner in the whole industry, but when it comes to WordPress vs Shopify, after this deep comparison, I can…


Adults suffer from separation anxiety too you know …

Photo by Külli Kittus on Unsplash

“We’re always chasing a love that doesn’t exist, and ignoring the ones that do” — JH Hard

Separation from beloved ones evokes negative feelings and sadness in us. However, when you suffer from anxiety it can be even more difficult for you and that’s why it’s so important for you to know what you should do in such situations to feel better, and to handle it better.

Before we discuss what you can do to overcome separation anxiety, let’s make it clear what it actually is. Because there is a difference between being sad, missing someone, and Separation anxiety. Yet…


Regulate your mood “effectively” with food and snacks

Photo by Brooke Lark on Unsplash

Hey guys!

Let me ask you a personal question, “Does your eating habits change when you’re stressed or angry? Do you eat more or less?”.

Your answer may not match with the others and it’s okay. Every person reacts to a situation in his own unique way. Some people crave sweets under stress while others lose their appetite.

This is a list of nourishments that are not only tasty and healthy but are also, helpful in reducing anxiety and depression.

So without wasting much time, let’s get started!

#1. Yogurt

Increasing The Conversion Rate is the Holy Grail of Business —

To do so, every person tries either of the 2 things:

  • Optimizing the existing conversion strategy
  • Or implementing a new one.

But why conversion optimization is crucial?

Because it dramatically reduces your Customer Acquisition Cost from each new visitor and increases the Average Order Value from pre-existing users. All in all, an increase in revenue generated per customer helps your business to grow.

Say, you receive 10000 visitors per month and your landing page conversion rate is 10%. If you optimize your conversion to 15% (only +5%), then the number of customers increases from 1000 to 1500 per month.

If the average profit you get per customer is $10, then your total profits have increased by 50%, from $10000 to $15000 per month.

Isn’t it great? An increase of $5000 per month with a few clicks and tweaks!

Nishu Jain

Obsessed with Tech, Biz, Arts & Words; Does NOT dumb down the writing; Skilled Wordsmith; Delivers the best

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