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Who am I and what do I do …

Nishu Jain


Nishu Jain

Hey there!

I’m Nishu Jain: A geek, cursed with little creativity.

Professionally, I’m a Software Engineer who likes to play with data, algorithms, and especially, Artificial Intelligence/Deep Learning.

I speak mostly Python but, have polyglottic tendencies. I believe in developing real-world products for people like you and me.

And apart from being a full-fledged Tech-Geek, I’ve got a few real hobbies … like —

~ Reading & Writing

As you can see, I’m writing on Medium … da?

Sometimes, I do freelancing as well. So if you’ve something interesting for me, ping me on Fiverr. I’ll be happy to talk to you.

On Medium: I like to write about Technology, Business, Psychology, Philosophy, etc… And from time to time, I tell short stories too and talk about art and stuff.

Speaking of which, I also do …

~ Sketching

Yeah! I love the world of Art and I make it too — Wanna see my artwork?


Liked my work? 😮

Connect with me on Instagram. (username: sketchscrolls)

~ Playing Piano

It’s kind of a new thing for me and I recently picked it up.

I’ve uploaded a few pieces on my personal Instagram account (username: one_anachronism).

Currently, I’m trying my hands with western classical music and few anime openings (don’t call me Otaku yet). I’ll soon upload some serious performance as well …. so till then, stay connected! ^_^

Topics that interest me —

Technology, Programming, Designing, Investing, Business, Economics, Art, Psychology, Mathematics, Physics, Music, Mythology, Linguistics, Philosophy, Etymology, etc…

All in all …

I’m kind of a jack of all trades but, master of some — And I’m proud of it.



Nishu Jain

Obsessed with Tech & Biz; Building my SaaS startup; Does NOT dumb down the writing; Skilled Wordsmith; Delivers the best — https://links.nishu.io