Do Successful People Read as Much as They Can as Social-Media Portrays?

I don’t think so … Let’s revisit this popular narrative

Nishu Jain
3 min readJun 23, 2024
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These days, social media is full of advice on how to be successful.

And one of the most common tips you’ll see is that successful people read all the time.

While it sounds inspiring, is it really true?

The idea of “reading a lot” sounds synonymous to growth and often correlated with success.

But isn’t it too simplistic?

If not reading, then what?

Not everyone needs to read a ton to be successful.

People learn and grow in different ways. Some folks might get more out of hands-on experiences, networking, or simply trying things out and learning from their mistakes.

Take Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg, for example — they’re known for their reading habits, but plenty of other successful people got where they are through different paths.

Success is personal and unique, and there’s no one-size-fits-all recipe.

Of course, reading is great for gaining knowledge, but it’s what you do with that knowledge that counts. Success comes from putting ideas into action, solving…