How to Regulate Fluctuating Blood Sugar Levels

Blood sugar levels usually remain balanced if two things are kept in check: —

Timings of your meals. 
Quality of your meals.

You can easily achieve a balance by keeping these guidelines in mind!

  1. More Fiber Intake for lower blood sugar level (type 1 diabetes)
  2. Replacing carbs with proteins
  3. Healthy, controlled fat intake
  4. Lesser, Slower Carbs
  5. Increasing Water Intake
  6. Try Cinnamon!
  7. Stress Management
  8. Exercising and Exercising
  9. Scheduling sleep and making routine.
  10. Keeping alcohol levels in control

The first step in fighting the blood sugar imbalance is to recognize its relation to you. Knowing you are a victim, you may now take steps in this war against diabetes!

Good luck!

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