Reading is NOT Enough! Here’s how you can go Beyond

Learning and integrating knowledge into our life is the key to real transformation

Nishu Jain


Photo by Gülfer ERGİN on Unsplash

Are you a reader?

Well, chances are, you’re reading this right now, so the answer is most likely a “yes.”

But what does being a reader really mean?

It’s not just about scanning through pages or scrolling endlessly on screens; it’s about something deeper, something more profound than just processing words.

But what it truly means to be a reader? And how we can elevate our reading habits to become effective learners and grow as individuals?

In our society, we often draw a line between those who read avidly and those who don’t. The label of “reader” is reserved for those who seemingly prioritize reading and find joy in it.

But does being a reader automatically set you apart from the rest?

Not necessarily. It’s not just about the act of reading; it’s about what you do with the information you consume.

Think about it for a second — how many times have you bought books with grand intentions only to let them collect dust on your shelf? Or perhaps you spend hours planning your reading list but never actually dive into the books…



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