Start Telling People Everything

Especially if you’re in a workplace or building a business

Nishu Jain
4 min readJun 26, 2024
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There’s a lot of debate about how much we should share with each other. Should we stop telling people everything or start speaking our hearts out?

Some people think keeping certain information to yourself is important to protect your privacy, stay ahead in the competition, or to maintain personal boundaries.

While I get their point and can see why they think this way …

I believe that being open and transparent is almost always the way to go.

Here’s why —

Why being open is so important

Trust is the foundation of any relationship, whether it’s with friends, family, colleagues, or clients. When you’re open about things, it shows that you’re honest and trustworthy.

People feel more comfortable with you because they feel like they know where you’re coming from.

This kind of trust makes for stronger, healthier relationships.

In the workplace, when leaders share what’s going on in the company — both the good and the bad — it creates a sense of trust. Employees feel more engaged and motivated when they know what’s happening and understand the bigger…